Liz Downing

Music has surrounded Liz Downing since she was a young girl, and she has confidently pursued her dreams of being a singer and songwriter. Her songs speak of love’s anticipation and occasional heartache, the joys of the road, the loneliness of separation, and a firm faith in the goodness of life—all things Liz has experienced first hand.

Possessing a clear voice that easily conquers four octaves, Liz’s versatility and range allow her to sing popular songs, country crossover, adult contemporary, jazz, and sultry ballads. Added to this is the underlying influence of folk that makes her original compositions deeply touch the hearts of her audience. She plays guitar, piano and flute and receives guidance from vocal consultant Kim Wood Sandusky.

Born in Washington State, Liz Downing has lived most of her life in Texas and has a Texan’s eye for good times, wide-open spaces, and friendly dogs. Now calling Tennessee home, Liz loves the vibrant music scene, the change of seasons, and the warmth of Southern hospitality.